Results of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is used in many cases. This has been made possible by many clinical studies that have demonstrated the visible results of red light therapy. Below are some illustrative examples of photographic results before and after such studies.

Reduction of fine lines

[1] A randomized controlled trial was conducted in Germany in 2012 on 136 volunteers on the effects of light therapy on age-related changes in facial skin.

Result of a 41-year-old woman in the active group before treatment and 12 weeks after treatment with red light therapy
Source: US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

Collagen increase

In the same study [1] an ultrasound scan showing collagen density in the skin was done.

Ultrasonography results from a 46-year-old woman in the active group demonstrated an increase in collagen density
Source: US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

Acne treatment

Red light therapy is already actively used to treat acne, as there have been many studies proving its effectiveness. [2] One such study is a randomized, blinded clinical trial conducted in 2007 on 28 volunteers in Korea

An example of a 27-year-old woman with acne lesions before treatment and after red light phototherapy
Source: Official publication for American Society for Dermatologic Surgery [et al.] 2007

Scar healing

[3] In 2010, a study was conducted on the effectiveness of using RLT as a prophylactic method to alter the wound healing process. The photographic results show a marked difference between the treated and control sides.

Patient after preauricular scar revision on her face and observations after one year
Source: Research Gate

Hair loss treatment

Red light therapy increases the amount of hair by transforming the activation of down or intermediate follicles. This proves it a randomized double-blind clinical trial on 128 men and 141 women with typical alopecia [4].

Female pattern hair loss before and 26 weeks of the 12-beam laser comb treatment
Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information 

Lose weight

RLT, under certain conditions, promotes a decrease in body volume. This change is due to the reduction in fat, not to the movement of fluid or fat through the body. [5] One study of the effects of light therapy was conducted back in 2009. According to its results, participants in the experimental group had an overall decrease of -3.51 inches, while the placebo group had a decrease of -0.684 inches.

(A) Before treatment, (B) Immediately post 5 daily 40 minute treatments over one week: 2.0-inch total reduction
Source: Semantic Scholar

Cellulite treatment

In addition to its effect on fat reduction, RLT combined with exercise has the additional effect of improving body aesthetics and aiding in the treatment of cellulite [6].

Pre and post-3-month treatment for a 27-year-old woman
Source: Research Gate

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