Full Guide To Choose The Best Fat Burning Machine For Home Use

Fat-burning machine can be great for helping with stubborn fat, but how do you choose the best model for home use? We reveal all the tips in this article, and show before & after results!

A huge part of the population of our planet suffers from problems with excess weight and fat in stubborn places. The fight for a beautiful body is part of many people’s lives, just everyone struggles in their way. Diets, exhausting workouts, various procedures — all this is cool, but it’s not always enough. 

Everybody is unique, and everyone needs a different approach. Giving up sweets is enough for some people, while others need to work out every day in the gym to achieve the perfect figure. There are cases when you need something else, such as so-called fat-burning machines. But how to choose such a machine for home use, what should you pay attention to? And what results can be expected in general? This is what we are going to talk about today. 

Previously, we conducted a study and found out what models of fat-burning machines are best for use at home.

How does a fat-burning machine work

Fat burning machines work based on red and infrared light therapy or radiofrequency radiation (sometimes the last one comes as a supplement). 

So, when you apply the machine to the area you want, the red and infrared light waves heat the fat cells. Red light is visible and is most efficient for use on the surface of the skin. Infrared light is invisible and penetrates deeper layers of skin (up to 1.5 inches), so it can reach even visceral fat. Due to heat from these waves, small air bubbles create pressure and eventually destroy the fat cells. What’s left of these cells goes into the body, but do not worry: the lymphatic system and the liver helps flush everything excess out of the body. 

In addition, among the positive effects are healthier sleep and improved blood flow. The latter applies only to the area of action, but quality sleep, which strengthens the body, is ensured no matter where you apply the device.

The impact of red & infrared light therapy on fat
The impact of red & infrared light therapy on fat

Benefits of using a fat-burning machine

Benefits of using a fat-burning machine

If you are in doubt about whether it is worth spending your money on this purchase, you should see all the benefits of fat-burning machines. 

  • Suitable for any body area.

Arms, legs, hips, abdomen, back, neck, and even face — fat-burning machines can be tried on any desired area.

  • Painless and non-invasive

No needles or penetration, the procedure can hardly cause you discomfort. Afterward, you will also not need additional procedures to remove fat from your body.

  • Shaping your body the way you want it to be

With fat-burning machines, you can target specific areas of the body, and accordingly, make adjustments where you think it is needed.

  • Quick and short procedure

There is no standard length of treatment, but usually, one session lasts 30-60 minutes. So you won’t get bored.

  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness

Using this device and all the same light therapy, your skin will look more youthful, firm, and tightened.

  • Efficient and rapid results

This, of course, is a relative advantage, as everything is individual. Many people see results after the first session, some people need 2-3 sessions for the first results, and for some people, 6-12 sessions are not enough. 

  • Improves circulation

Fat burning machines are also great for speeding up the metabolism, improving fluid circulation in the body, and removing unwanted fatty fluid.

  • Suits for home use

What could be better than being able to lose fat right at home? It’s much easier with these machines than with various procedures in clinics or even more so with surgeries like liposuction.

You can read even more detailed information about fat-burning devices in our other article and find the finest models to choose from there.

How to choose a fat-burning machine for home use: top tips

How to choose a fat-burning machine for home use: top tips

Choosing a new device is never easy, whether it’s a smartphone or a fat-burning machine. We understand this very well, and that’s why we have gathered in one place all the things you should pay attention to when choosing your future magic device.

  • When and where you will use it.

It all depends on your lifestyle. For example, if your life involves frequent travels, you may be more comfortable with a compact fat-burning machine. And if you spend most of your time at home (in one place), you can afford a larger device.

  • Specifications

All of these machines have different additional features, and you should decide what is important to you and what you can skip. Some of them contribute to the reduction of cellulite, others are also advised to use on the face to smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles, etc.

Features you wantWhat device do you need
Pain relief, massage, and detoxificationMeridian Brush (detailed review)
Skin lifting (reduce fine lines, scar marks, etc.)Tezzionas professional body sculpting machine (detailed review)
Nothing special, just quality fat-burningCARER SPARK Fat Burn Machine 6 in 1 (detailed review)
  • Warranty

At first glance, it doesn’t directly affect the performance of your fat-burning machine. But if there is a problem or a malfunction, it will be repaired/replaced with a warranty. And of course, the more extended the warranty of the product, the more confidence in the manufacturer you will have.

  • Budget

Prices for fat-burning machines can vary quite a bit, from a few tens of dollars to thousands. It depends on the brand, type of use, the number of functions, and the quality of the device itself. We advise deciding on the budget that you are ready to allocate for this purchase and comparing models in the same price segment. 

What is the optimal price for the device?A fat-burning machine for home use costs, on average, no more than $100. You can usually find the best option in the $50-80 range (the models we researched are in this price range).
What does it mean to overpay? If you see a fat-burning machine for $150+, it’s probably just a steep price. The exception is the professional devices that doctors use in clinics, which cost over $1000. They are much larger and more powerful, not to be confused with devices for home use. 
What price category would work the best for what purpose?The more features a device has, the more expensive it will cost, but not a lot. You can find a device for almost any purpose for no more than $100.

At the same time, you should pay attention to reviews, ratings, and all the previous points that we have already mentioned. 

We’ve already done our own research on fat-burning machines for home use and identified a few of the finest models, based on the experiences of real users. You can read about them in our other article.
  • Safety

Not to say that fat-burning machines are dangerous, but there are two things to watch out for. We are talking about temperature control and the auto-off timer. Be sure to check these features, they should work perfectly. Other than that, you have nothing to worry about because these devices are non-invasive, and you’re not in danger of infection, pain, or scarring. 

  • Extensive user manual

Instructions are the last thing we usually think about. But in the case of fat-burning machines, it’s better to look in the user manual before buying to make sure everything is clear. With these devices, it’s a little hard to figure out intuitively, because the different buttons are for a variety of functions. But if the manufacturer has taken care of a detailed manual, you won’t have any problems. 

So don’t be lazy to look at the instructions and check if there is a detailed description of all the buttons and modes and recommendations on what cases to use which modes. 

As you can see, there are quite a few aspects to consider before buying a fat-burning machine. This does not mean that you have to follow exactly all of them, because some may be more important to you and some less so. Just refer to this checklist when you’re comparing different models, and hopefully, it will make your task a little easier.

Extensive user manual

A shortlist of the best fat-burning machines

There are many fat-burning machines, but of course, not all of them are worth the money. However, we know a few proven options that are sure to bring you the results you need. If you have already decided that you want such a device, then read on!

  • CARER SPARK Fat Burn Machine 6 in 1
CARER SPARK Fat Burn Machine 6 in 1

Winner category: Best fat burning device for many body parts

This machine is the best fit for those who need just a quality fat burner with no special features. Thanks to this variety of functions, the device can be used on almost any part of the body. Arms, legs, abdomen, back, face — feel free to apply it wherever you need. 

  • Meridian Brush
Meridian Brush

Winner category: Best fat burner and massage device

This device will become a favorite for those who seek the perfect vibrating massage that helps relieve pain, fight fatigue, and is great for weight loss. It’s best used with oil or gel for your skin’s comfort (just like other similar devices). 

  • Tezzionas professional body sculpting machine
Tezzionas professional body sculpting machine

Winner category: Best for fat burning with extra features (getting rid of stretch marks, scars, fine lines)

This device is your perfect fit if in addition to burning fat you plan to tighten the skin or reduce cellulite. This machine does have a special line diffuse mode that takes care of imperfections in the skin such as wrinkles, scars, or stretch marks. The main thing is not to overdo it, 15 minutes a day is quite enough to see the first results after a week.

You can learn more about each of these fat-burning machines in our other article. It covers the topics of choosing such a device among different models even more broadly.

Fat-burning machine Before & After 

Before we use anything on our body, we want to make sure it will be worth it. Fortunately, many people have already tried fat-burning machines and are happy to share their results with us. We will present their photos below, but we must warn you: these girls use not only the devices described by us to achieve the perfect body. Some of them also go to the gym, eat healthy natural food or play a particular sport. 

That’s why we also advise you to try different fat-burning options, and it’s even better to combine them because this way you are more likely to achieve better results. 

Results after 2 weeks of using fat-burning machines
Results after 2 weeks of using fat-burning machines
Before & After 15 treatments with fat-burning machines
Before & After 15 treatments with fat-burning machines
Results after 5 treatments with fat-burning machines
Results after 5 treatments with fat-burning machines

Side effects and contraindications 

Typically, most people do not experience any side effects after using a fat-burning machine. Nevertheless, small consequences do occur, and it is better to know about them in advance. Sometimes you may feel a slight tingling, nausea, or warmth in the area treated after the procedure. This is normal and will go away on its own. Also, your body temperature may rise slightly. This is a sign that the body is detoxifying and the fats are being eliminated.

And what about contraindications? If you are a healthy adult, then most likely you have nothing to worry about and you can safely use such devices. However, there are some categories of people who should avoid fat-burning machines. Here they are:

  • People under 18
  • Pregnant and nursing women
  • Menstruating women
  • People with problems such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, skin cancer, liver obesity, epilepsy, and malignant tumors
  • Those with photosensitive skin
  • People with skin infection, burned skin, skin allergies, and anticoagulant disorder
  • Those who have surgical scars
  • People with cancer and weak immune system
  • Those who have metal implants
  • People with acute fever
  • Those with thyroid disorders, other hormonal disorders, or any other chronic illness
  • People with serious high blood pressure or circulation problems
  • People who are being treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants, and antibiotics.

This list seems significant, but most of these cases are common to a small percentage of the world’s population in reality. Still, we had to warn you about everything just in case.


A fat-burning machine could be one of your favorite home appliances. After all, these machines almost always have various additional features that generally improve your condition in addition to fighting stubborn fat. These devices look different, and it may seem too difficult to choose among them, but do not get nervous ahead of time.

Take a deep breath. Exhale. Look through our checklist with tips on how to choose this device, review again the worthy models of fat-burning machines, and the decision will be much easier than you thought. 


🥵Is there a machine to melt body fat?

Yes, there are fat-burning machines that work based on red light therapy and help melt fat cells in places where you have stubborn fat.

✅Are fat-burning machines safe?

Fat-burning machines are quite safe — it’s non-invasive machines, and if you use them according to the instructions, you won’t hurt yourself in any way.

🔧Do fat-burning machines work?

Yes, there are many real “before & after” photo reports that confirm that fat-burning machines work and bring the desired results. Nevertheless, everybody is different, and this method may not work for someone.

🥇Which machine is best for burning fat?

There are a few great fat-burning machines that we can recommend to you:

– CARER SPARK Fat Burn Machine 6 in 1
– Meridian Brush
– Tezzionas professional body sculpting machine

We have reviewed these models im one of our articles.

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