Therasage Sauna: Honest Review Based On Users’ Experience

All the necessary information about Therasage Sauna is collected in our article. Explore it to understand whether it is worth your attention.

If you suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, or stress, you know how frustrating it is to try countless remedies and find no relief. One of the proven treatments for diseases is an infrared sauna [1, 2, 3].

Among other models, we paid attention to Therasage Thera360Plus Portable Sauna because there is less information about this device than others, but it has earned a reputation as a reliable and effective solution.

Therefore, we researched to find out what people think about Therasage sauna, its pros and cons, and whether it is worth your attention.

Therasage Thera360 Plus Characteristics

Therasage Thera360 Plus

Therasage Thera360 Plus

Temperature: 100–170°F
Material: Bamboo
Size: 33” x 33” x 46”
Weight: 24 lbs.
Wattage: 900 watts
Voltage: 120V/220V
Kit: 12’ cord, folding chair,
foot pad, cloth collar, carrying case
What makes it the best?

✅ Full spectrum infrared energy consists of near-, mid-, and far-infrared lights, each providing additional health benefits
✅ Low EMF, which reduces the likelihood of cancer, reproductive issues, and other health problems to near zero
✅ Natural bamboo material with zero plastic or chemical odor
✅ Convenient LED controller, which allows adjusting temperature and timer
✅ Additional ozone, aroma, and sound therapy modules allow you to make relaxation even more efficient

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What Is An Infrared Sauna?

Therasage sauna

An infrared sauna is a device with special heaters that emit infrared light. This type of light is characterized by being highly penetrating, meaning it permeates through your skin and raises your core body temperature. Then, your body sweats to cool the surface, so harmful toxins are excreted from the body.

An infrared sauna provides an opportunity to fight against various diseases. According to the studies we have reviewed, it can help treat the following conditions:

  • Stress. In 2013, a study was conducted in which 338 people underwent active and fake treatment. The difference was that the fake treatment did not involve infrared sauna use. Each participant was physically healthy, but had a high Hamilton Depression Rating Scale Score of 16+. After six weeks of treatment, the active group had a more significant decrease in depression scores than the fake group: in the active group, scores decreased from 22.0 to 10.27 on average, and in another one from 22.1 to 20.23 [1].
  • Muscle fatigue after exercise. The study involved ten men treated in an infrared sauna after strength and endurance training sessions. According to the results, infrared heat positively affected the recovery of the neuromuscular system after training [2].
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Pain, stiffness, and fatigue were clinically reduced after eight treatments on 17 patients. Moreover, patients tolerated infrared sauna treatment positively [3].

Also, scientists believe that an infrared sauna may improve Alzheimer’s symptoms and cardiovascular risk factors.

  • Cardiovascular risk factors. A far infrared sauna may improve endothelial function, low blood pressure, and lipid profile. However, the study involved few people and did not last long, so more studies are needed to confirm this [4].
  • Alzheimer’s disease. In the study, the scientists treated mice with infrared light, which had symptoms comparable to Alzheimer’s. After five months of research, scientists found out that infrared light can impact mice with Alzheimer’s disease positively. However, more studies are needed to achieve more accurate results [5].
💡 Note:
Infrared sauna and an infrared sauna blanket have many similarities, so if you want to know what they are and get acquainted with before and after results, explore our article.

Infrared Sauna vs. Steam Room

Even though the steam room and infrared sauna have a similar purpose, they are strikingly different. Below, we provide a table comparing these two treatments.

Infrared sauna
Infrared sauna
Steam room
Steam room
Principle of workInfrared lamps release heat that penetrates the skin. It heats the body to activate sweating and flush out toxins. The difference is that infrared saunas heat directly the skin but not the air.The water is heated to steam and released into the room to create a humid thermal environment. It opens the pores and promotes sweating, so toxins are excreted.
Indications for use - Detoxification
- High blood pressure (more research is needed in this area)
- Heart disease (more research is needed in this area)
- Chronic fatigue syndrome (more research is needed in this area)
- Respiratory ailments such as nasal congestion, allergies, and asthma

Tension and stress
Poor skin condition
Sore muscles and joints
Poor circulation and metabolism

Heating temperature120–150°F (49–66°C)110–120°F (43–49°C)
How does it feel to use it?A temperature of 120–150°F (49–66°C) with 10–20% humidity in an infrared sauna can feel less intense than in a steam room due to the lower humidity level. The air in the infrared sauna will be dry, which makes it easier to breathe deeply. However, the heat from the infrared sauna can still feel intense and cause you to sweat profusely.A temperature of 110–120°F (43–49°C) with 100% humidity in a steam room can feel quite intense. The high humidity makes it feel hotter than it is like you're surrounded by a thick steam cloud. The air can feel thick and heavy, and it may be difficult to breathe deeply. Additionally, your skin may start to feel slick and sweaty due to the high humidity.

Therasage Thera360 Plus: Detailed Review

Therasage Thera360 Plus
Therasage Thera360 Plus

The manufacturer of Therasage Thera360Plus positions this device as the most advanced infrared sauna on the market. Let’s see whether it deserves your attention or not.

The best-infrared sauna should have infrared panels that provide effective treatment, low EMF, and no VOCs.

Firstly, the distinguishing feature of this device is the TheraFusion infrared panel technology, which makes full spectrum infrared light, unlike other devices that can only create near- or far-infrared light.

  • Near-infrared light. It penetrates the skin and accelerates the healing process of wounds, improves blood circulation, and relieves pain.
  • Mid-infrared light. This type of light can promote detoxification, weight loss, and relaxation.
💡 Note:
Confused that mid-infrared light can help lose weight? Explore our article, in which we analyzed medical studies to understand whether an infrared sauna can burn visceral fat.
  • Far-infrared light. It has the longest wavelength, which is beneficial in detoxification, pain relief, and immune system support.

Second, it has an EMF level of fewer than 3 mGs at a distance of 6 inches from the sauna surface, which is a low EMF. In comparison, typical household devices such as hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, and electric shavers can generate EMF levels from 3 to 700 mGs at close ranges. Also, power lines and cell towers can make EMFs ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand mGs. Therefore, the Thera360Plus EMF level of less than 3mG is relatively low, so you don’t have to worry about health risks like cancer, reproductive issues, etc.

Thirdly, Therasage Thera360Plus is made from bamboo, which is free of VOCs. It is beneficial because the volatile particles are responsible for plastic odor (if you already have an infrared sauna or infrared sauna blanket, you are more likely to come across this). Moreover, when the sauna is heated, this smell does not appear. 

⚠️ Attention:
There is a thread on Reddit in which users noted the presence of a chemical odor. They turned to the manufacturer, which replaced the device with another, after making sure that there was no smell. Agree that defects can occur in any product, but not every manufacturer will respond to this correctly.

As an add-on, Therasage Thera360Plus differs from Therasage Thera360 in several useful features. For example, it has free health and biohacking coaching and consultations. Also, the Plus model is bigger and more spacious and has built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity to play music.

💡 Note:
Therasage Thera360Plus meets three main criteria: it has panels that produce full spectrum infrared light, low EMF that is safe for health, and no volatile particles that create chemical or plastic odor. Therefore, this sauna can be considered a worthy purchase.

How Fast It Heats?

The manufacturer on the official website indicates that Therasage Thera360Plus reaches the desired temperature in 15–20 minutes. You can set any temperature from 100°F to 170°F. However, it automatically adjusts the temperature to 125°F and sets the shutdown timer to 60 minutes when you turn on the Therasage Thera360Plus.

User’s Thoughts On Thera360 Plus

Therasage sauna

There aren’t many reviews on the Web, but we went through them all and found that 91% of reviewers are happy with their purchase. Next, we list some of the user comments gathered from marketplaces, blogs, and YouTube reviews that best reflect the pros and cons of Therasage Thera360Plus.

Infrared blankets are similar to infrared saunas because they use the same technology to improve health. We have already reviewed Therasage Thera360Plus in detail, which can be considered an excellent solution. Now, we invite you to learn more about MiHIGH Sauna Blanket, one of the best-infrared blankets.


  • The sauna has been a life-changing experience for me, as I fight chronic Lyme and mold illness. I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact it made on my health.
  • This portable sauna has been a key component in my journey toward healing, and I appreciate the fact that it emits no EMFs and has no plastic odor. It effectively gets the job done.
  • My experience with this product has been positive so far. It was effortless to set up and operate, and I feel fantastic after using it.
  • The size is perfect, and it heats up wonderfully. I especially appreciate the removable neck piece that can be washed, making it easy to keep clean.
  • I am thrilled to have added this to my healing journey. Its effects on my bones are incredible, and it greatly assists in opening up my drainage pathways. I am so glad I made this purchase!
  • Although I had never been interested in saunas in the past, learning about their numerous benefits has made me obsessed with this one. Its simple setup and ease of use, along with its quick heating capabilities, make it an excellent choice. I always feel stunning after using my sauna.
  • I was impressed by the swift delivery and careful packaging of this impressive personal sauna. Setting it up was a breeze, and I was taken aback by how great it was when I first stepped inside. To my delight, the experience only got better with each subsequent use. I have noticed a significant improvement in my sleep since using this sauna, and I don’t believe it’s just a coincidence.
  • I am absolutely in love with my new sauna! The difference it has made in my overall stress levels is remarkable. After each use, I feel a noticeable improvement in my body’s tension and stress.


  • It is okay, but I have not observed any significant changes in my sleep quality, energy levels, or inflammation reduction despite using it three times a week for several months now. However, it does help to generate significant sweat, to the point where it drips down my legs and back, and sweating is certainly beneficial for the body.
  • It seems that it is too expensive because the main difference between this sauna and the Serenlife version is that it can reach temperatures up to 30 degrees hotter and comes with a wooden chair. Additionally, the cloth neck roll adds a nice touch of style. Overall, try to purchase this item on a sale.
  • The misaligned pole inside the sauna sounds like a significant inconvenience, and I can understand why you wouldn’t use it frequently. However, it seems that the most significant problem is the wooden chair. Despite its aesthetic appeal, it appears to be too small and uncomfortable for you to use comfortably.

How To Install Therasage Portable Infrared Sauna?

Therasage sauna

Assembling and setting up a sauna is quite simple, but we decided to describe it in more detail to let you know what you will have to face.

  1. Sauna unpacking. Remove the sauna, frame, panels, heating elements, control panel, and power cord from the packaging.
  2. Frame assembly. Take the two long vertical frame pieces and insert them into the bottom horizontal frame piece. Attach them using the supplied bolts, nuts, and washers. Attach the top horizontal frame piece to the two vertical frame pieces using the supplied bolts, nuts, and washers. Then, attach the two side frame pieces to the vertical frame pieces with the included bolts, nuts, and washers. Connect the frame by tightening all bolts.
  3. Panel installation. Attach the panels to the frame using the clips provided.
  4. Installation of heating elements. Attach the heaters to the panels and connect them to a power source.
  5. Control panel connection. Connect the control panel to the heating elements and fasten it securely to the frame.
  6. Connect and turn it on. Plug in the power supply and turn on the sauna. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to warm up.

What To Wear in Therasage Infrared Sauna?

Therasage sauna

Each session in the infrared sauna increases sweating. Moreover, Thera360Plus is compact, so you need to wear comfortable clothes. An excellent choice would be a loose T-shirt and shorts of cotton, linen, or silk.

You should avoid wearing tight or synthetic clothing made of polyester and nylon, as these can block infrared rays and cause irritation or rashes. 

Summary: Is Therasage Sauna Worth It?

Therasage Thera360Plus sauna has all the necessary qualities that a worthy portable infrared sauna should have. According to user reviews, it can effectively improve health, in particular, reduce pain, improve sleep, and remove stress. Moreover, among all reviews, 91% are positive, which allows us to give a rating of ⭐️4.55 out of ⭐️5 and recommend it to you.

The only thing that may cause difficulties is assembling the frame because this stage consists of several steps. However, we have described this process in detail earlier. Also, if you still have questions, refer back to the detailed review.


🪑 Can I sit inside the Therasage sauna?

Yes, you can sit, as Thera360Plus has a wooden chair in the kit, which you can put inside.

♨️ How long does the Therasage sauna take to heat up?

According to the manufacturer’s info, Thera360Plus takes 15–20 minutes to heat up to the desired temperature. As for temperature, you can set it from 100°F to 170°F.

❔ What is the difference between an infrared sauna and an infrared sauna blanket?

Both types of sauna use infrared light to heat the body and improve health. The difference is that the infrared sauna blanke is like a sleeping bag, in which you lie, but in the usual sauna, you can sit.

🧐 Does the infrared sauna burn fat?

Numerous studies are referring to infrared saunas and visceral fat burning. We’ve analyzed them to provide a comprehensive answer, which you can find in our recent article.

🕘 Is 30 minutes in an infrared sauna enough?

You should use your infrared sauna twice a week, starting from 15–20 minutes and gradually increasing time to 30–40 minutes.

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