What we do

Heliotherapy Research Institute is a specially organized entity that focuses on conducting investigative and informational research of light therapy. HRI is funded by a group of businesses, non-profit organizations, grassroots citizens associations, or institutions of higher learning. The Purpose of the Heliotherapy research institute is to increase the wealth of knowledge available about light therapy as well as broaden the possibilities of how to utilize that knowledge to the best advantage.

We’re medical researchers and experts. We have deep knowledge in the light therapy, dermatology, and critical care medicine fields. We are rigorously-learned doctors, researchers, and experts; we have unparalleled skills in light therapy. Most of our specialists have 15+ years of practice and high prestige among medical scientists and research institutes to study phototherapy.

Who we are

We conduct rigorous, cutting-edge, responsive research and evaluation influence of light therapy. We build on more than 15 years of experience. Likewise, we employ a high-quality approach of research that ensures careful understanding of the action of using light therapy. We use sophisticated techniques to ensure that our investigations are useful and influential.

What we do

Heliotherapy Research Institute
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