3 Best Fat-Burning Machines for Weight Loss and Body Contouring

When diet and exercise aren't helping, fat-burning machines 🔥 offer a solution that works ✅. We picked the best devices for you in our article 🙌.
AvatarMedically reviewed by Diana Londoño.

Fat reduction is becoming a big problem in current-day society due to high caloric intake and lack of exercise. Excessive accumulation of fatty tissue around the belly, chest, and thighs causes personal dissatisfaction with one’s physique and various health problems. As a result, people are looking for effective, safe, and simple procedures to modify body contours.

Traditionally, liposuction was the most popular method of modifying body contours. However, this invasive treatment was associated with many side effects and complications like fluid accumulation, numbness, infection, fat embolism, and even death, among others. That’s why non-invasive alternatives have come into use.

One of the most popular methods is the use of fat-burning machines based on light therapy. These are calling more and more attention because of their effectiveness, fewer complications, and ease of use.

In this article, we will look at fat-burning machines, the scientific evidence behind this method, its effectiveness, benefits, and the best devices.

CARER SPARK Burn Fat Machine 6 in 1

Best fat-burning device for many body parts

The most cross-functional as it effectively burns fat from arms, legs, belly, and hips;

🔴 Red light 
🔵 Blue light

Stimulate blood circulation & speed up the metabolism

Meridian Brush

Best fat burner and massage device

It has extra benefits like massage, detoxification, and pain relief;

🔴 Red light
⭕ Infrared light

Burns fat; promotes body relaxation and helps with back pain.

Meridian Brush
Tezzionas professional body sculpting machine
Tezzionas professional body sculpting machine

Best for fat burning device with adjustable radiofrequency

The most multipurpose as besides fat burning, it helps to tight weakened muscles, remove fine lines, stretch marks, and scars

🔴 Red light
⭕ Infrared light

Helps with stubborn fat & saggy skin

What is a fat-burning machine?

Fat-burning machines are an increasingly popular weight loss method that includes non-invasive treatments using specific wavelengths of light to emit blue, red, or even infrared light (600 to 1000 nm). These devices also work with radio waves, previously used to treat periorbital wrinkles, rhytids, and skin laxity. In this new application, radiofrequency can penetrate the skin and help to eliminate fat cells.

As you can see, this type of wellness therapy is not new because it works well to treat various health problems. However, its use for weight loss is a novelty, and most related research dates from has the past 20 years.

How does fat-burning machine work

Fat-burning machines work using low-level light therapy (LLLT)  in combination with radiofrequency (some of them). LLLT initially treated other problems related to neurologic, ophthalmic, dental, and dermatological issues. The emitted light could help increase the local metabolic rate, since red and infrared light stimulates the mitochondria (the cell’s energy source), leading to more ATP production.

For fat reduction, devices usually apply a wavelength of 635 nm. The mechanism of LLLT in fat reduction consists of the generation of small openings in the cell membrane of adipose cells to release fats and excrete them. According to this, manufacturers recommend using some supplements (e.g., green tea, vitamin B5) to improve circulatory and lymphatic systems contributing to fat elimination.

On the other hand, some of these devices also work with radiofrequency, which main functioning principle is electromagnetic waves. These waves increase deeper skin temperature helping to contract the skin, and reducing body fat, in repetition, including cellulite.

Devices like Carer Spark combine wavelengths, frequently used in light therapy, with radio frequency that increases collagen production, lifts the skin, and removes wrinkles.

Effects of red and near-infrared light on fat reduction

Light therapy also affects thyroid function, which is closely related to body weight. The thyroid gland is a gland that produces certain hormones in the body (T3, T4, calcitonin), many of which are related to metabolism and weight gain or loss.

Red light therapy promotes proper regulation of thyroid function.

In addition to the observed acceleration of metabolism and thyroid regulation, red and infrared light also improves blood flow in the affected area.

This vasodilator effect is due to the following factor: the wavelength of red light helps release nitric oxide molecules, providing an important nutrient like oxygen, which in turn will result in improved blood flow.

Fat tissues in our body have limited access to blood, so improving blood flow through different layers of fat is important for burning fat.

These benefits of red light therapy work together to help you burn fat and lose weight.

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How effective is a fat-burning machine? Based on clinical trials

Red and near-infrared light therapy is a non-invasive treatment for a wide range of conditions and now has another application: weight loss.

To date, several studies have shown that low-level laser therapy (LLLT) in combination with radiofrequency or near-infrared light by itself, can help to reduce localized fat.

A randomized placebo-controlled study involving 67 participants,  randomly assigned them to low-level laser treatment (635 nm) or a corresponding sham treatment six times for two weeks. As a result, participants in the laser-used group showed a 3.5″ reduction in total circumference in the evaluated areas: waist and hips, compared to the control group, which showed a 0.7″ reduction [1].

Light therapy treatments to reduce the waist
The result of fat-burning machines based on light therapy to reduce fat in the waist and stomach
Source: US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

Pre-workout with near-infrared light therapy reduces loss of strength. Therefore, this kind of therapy may be a useful non-invasive method for improving muscle function, as supported by the following study [2].

Larkin-Kaiser and peers recruited 39 participants to use a laser device that emits infrared light at two wavelengths: 800 and 970 nm. Each patient received a 4-minute treatment. The results showed that infrared light treatment improves contractile function, as well as increases the number of repetitions and the time required for muscle fatigue.

The following study, performed by Munhoz et al., compared the effects of exercise and red light therapy post-exercise. The use of red light post-workout results in a greater reduction in body fat than exercise alone. Insulin sensitivity has also increased, which means that what you eat is less likely to be stored as fat and more likely to accumulate in your muscle tissue [3].

Light therapy improves cell activation, which is necessary for fat metabolism and therefore in cellulite treatment.

The study of Rossi and collaborators involved 20 women. They were divided into two groups: the control group, which performed only the treadmill workout, and the LED group, with light therapy during the treadmill workout. The training was carried out for 45 minutes twice a week for three months. The group treated with light therapy achieved more noticeable positive effects in the cellulite treatment than the group that only did the treadmill workout [4].

fat burning machines
Before/after using fat-burning machines based on light therapy to reduce cellulite
Source: US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

Jackson and peers conducted a study to evaluate the effectiveness of a low-level laser light device in improving the appearance of cellulite on thighs and buttocks. A total of 68 participants were recruited to undergo sham treatment or with an LLLT device for two weeks. As a result, 62,1%  of patients treated with LLLT (62.1%) were completely or partially satisfied with cellulite improvement compared to the sham group [5].

Later, in another study, these same authors confirmed the effectiveness of weight loss with light therapy by evaluating 689 participants exposed to light radiation. Participants underwent a total of six LLLT procedures over two weeks. After one week of treatment, the average decrease in the waist, hip, and hip circumference was 3.27″. In addition, participants showed an average reduction of 5.17″ in all the measurement points (waist, hips, arms, knees) [6].

These findings suggest that low-level laser therapy may be effective for body contouring, reducing the circumference of treated areas. LLLT helps with the loss of strength during exercise, which helps to retard muscle fatigue. And also, light therapy has a positive effect on the treatment of cellulite.
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Best fat-burning machines for home use

CARER SPARK Burn Fat Machine 6 in 1

CARER SPARK Burn Fat Machine 6 in 1

Category: Best fat-burning device for many body parts

CARER SPARK Burn Fat Machine 6 in 1 is a multifunctional device for home use. You can use it on almost all parts of the body that need it (for example, belly, waist, arms, and legs). The device includes six functions for different needs.

Radiofrequency and red light therapy penetrates deeply into the inner layer of the skin, converting electromagnetic and light energy into thermal energy. The increased heat stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and blood circulation to eliminate fats.

With the smart LCD screen, you can easily select different modes to choose from according to your preference. It also indicates the intensity level, battery power, and countdown.

Meridian Brush

Meridian Brush
Meridian Brush

Category: Best fat burner & massage device

The Meridian Brush is a device that combines massage with light therapy to obtain benefits like weight loss, detoxification, and pain relief.

You will be able to get rid of unwanted fat, stretch marks, and cellulite. And with infrared therapy and its strong physiotherapeutic effect, this device can help with body fatigue and back pain.

This device is convenient and easy to use, each function can be controlled on one’s own.

📌 Note:
the Meridian Brush must be combined with massage oil to avoid soreness.

Tezzionas professional body sculpting machine

Tezzionas professional body sculpting machine

Category: Best for fat burning device with adjustable radiofrequency

Catalpa U Fat-burning Machine — is a device that works by removing stagnant fat cells that accumulate around the thighs and the belly.

This device has three modes. Fat-burning mode combines radio waves and red light therapy (630 nm), and contributes to remove stubborn fat from several body parts. You will experience slight vibration and warmth when using this regime. Skin lift mode helps to tighten weakened muscles, and the line-diffuse mode is used to remove stretch marks, fine lines, and scars.

Use this device for 15 to 20 minutes every day on the problematic areas, and after three to five sessions, you will see results — reduced fat deposits, smoother and more elastic skin.

Benefits of using fat-burning machines

  • Universal

You can use fat-burning machine on almost any part of your body with exceeded fat. Common treatment points include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or back. Also, some devices can work on small areas such as the chin or shoulders.

  • Non-Invasive

Unlike liposuction, fat-burning machines do not require any surgical intervention — so there is no anesthesia, no blood, and no bandages. Instead, the treatment uses low-intensity light therapy to help shed centimeters without causing any body harm.

  • Natural process

Adipose tissue light therapy uses low-level light waves to generate small apertures into fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. Once the fat is outside the cells, is removed from your system through your body’s natural excretion processes.

Meridian Brush
Meridian Brush

Besides the listed benefits for fat loss, some devices have enjoyable extra features. For example, Meridian Brush can provide you with a massage while burning fat. A nice device to get rid of back pain and body fatigue after a hard day.

  • Painless

You will not experience discomfort during or after the procedure. At best, you may feel a slight warmth as the infrared device runs over your skin.

  • Fast

Each fat-burning machine session takes only 20-60 minutes, making it an ideal treatment even during your lunch break. Results are often visible in a short time — sometimes you can see a difference right after the very first treatment session. Optimal results begin to appear after just three treatments.

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You can make great strides in body shaping and slimming with fat-burning machines. Their mechanism of action is based on red and near-infrared light therapy, and in some cases, in combination with radiofrequency. This treatment is a revolutionary breakthrough for anyone trying to lose extra pounds or reduce the appearance of cellulite.

With the help of a high-quality fat-burning device, you can safely carry out treatment without leaving your home. For maximum benefit, make red light therapy part of your routine health care, using it for 20 minutes several times a week and include other recommendations like healing treatments along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

This article was medically reviewed by Diana Londoño,
a biologist with a Master’s degree in Infectious Diseases and a PhD in Biochemistry.


🧐 Do fat-burning machines really work for weight loss?

Fat-burning machines based on red light therapy disrupt fat cells. But they work better in conjunction with proper diet and exercise than on their own. Light therapy can help you burn more calories and lose weight faster, but you still need to be mindful of the calories you are consuming and you need to exercise and stay active to burn calories on your own.

The best fat-burning devices are:

– CARER SPARK Burn Fat Machine 6 in 1;
– Catalpa U Fat Burning Machine;
Meridian Brush.

〰 Which wavelength of red light is most effective for burning fat?

All red light wavelengths can have some effect on fat-burning but to different degrees. The optimal therapy for fat-burning is a combination of red light (630 nm, 660 nm) and near-infrared light (810 nm, 830 nm, and 850 nm).

🔴 Can red light burn belly fat?

Yes. The combination of red light and near-infrared light creates a successful recipe for burning belly fat. It also reduces other stubborn fat deposits which are difficult to combat with only diet and exercise. It applies to the hips, buttocks, thighs, and forearms. The best device in this category is the Catalpa U Fat-burning Machine.

🍊 Do fat-burning machines help get rid of cellulite?

Given the effects of red and near-infrared light on fat reduction, body contouring, and its improving skin texture effect, light therapy is a suitable choice to combat cellulite. As we have seen, red light provides structural improvement to the epidermis and dermis of the skin, , and near-infrared light can penetrate the subcutaneous layer, providing metabolic benefits to disrupt fat cells and liberate fats. Catalpa U Fat Burning Machine and Meridian Brush are the best devices for effective cellulite treatment.

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